TT Like A Pro

Here are some tips to help you TT like a pro, in Holohan Coaching's latest Cycling Plus article. #CoachingWorks

Burn out to all out. Rebecca Richardson.

Burn Out to All Out Strength & Endurance “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time” David Bowie It was a June day, it was 2017, I was lying in hospital, drugged up to the heavens with morphine and codeine. “Yes, no problem, I will be fine, I will be back at work tomorrow”, a true reflection of my inebriated state. This may sound strange, but the overriding feeling I had was of gratitude. Thankful for my crash, my broken elbow, thankful for this external force (namely tarmac

How to save energy.

It's all well and good been able to kick out over 1,500 w when you're fresh; However, most races require that you have the speed after >1hr of hard racing. Here are a few tips to save some "petrol" during your next event. (This is an article that appeared in Cycling Plus magazine.) #CoachingWorks #LikeAPro #CyclingTips #CycleTraining