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Coaching Services

All our packages start with a consultation and event/goal breakdown, where we look at the key demands of the event. We take time to understand your event-specific strengths and weaknesses using historical racing, training and testing data. Using this information, we can perform a needs analysis and, with it, a personalised road map to success.

Working in partnership with Hexis, we are able to deliver personalised nutrition plans to ensure you're performing, recovering and adapting optimally.

All our packages include a Training Peaks account and a subscription to our exclusive newsletter, keeping you informed and ahead of the competition.

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Find out about the individual

Needs Analysis

How does the athlete's ability compare to what's required to meet the goal?


Devise a plan to get there. Testing and modifying along the way to ensure success.

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Bronze | £100

Two emails per month.

Monthly training schedule.

One monthly schedule adjustment.

Silver | £165

Four emails per month.

One consultation per month.

Monthly training schedules.

One monthly schedule adjustment.

Weekly training data review.

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Gold | £250

Unlimited emails/texts.

Unlimited consultations.

Weekly training schedules.

Adjustments as needed.

Biweekly training data review.

Daily Nutrition Plan.

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