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Coaching Philosophy

  • Keep up to date with the latest scientific research.

  • Give each athlete the care, diligence and support they need, irrespective of ability.

  • To match, or exceed, the athlete's level of commitment.

  • Be honest with the athlete.

  • Train each athlete to the demands of the event.

  • Have a logical, progressive, periodised training plan.

  • Work within the rules of the sport.

  • Tailor the training to the individual.

  • Analyse and track the training trends, continually assessing the plan along the way.

  • Be approachable, supportive, enthusiastic and friendly.

  • Be 100% confidential.

  • Be clear.


What we expect:

  • 1-month notice when terminating the coaching relationship.

  • To keep the training diary up to date with feedback and data.

  • To be honest and open.

  • To be consistent in training.

  • To be jointly accountable, this is a partnership.

  • Give adequate notice for updates/revisions in the training plan.

  • To be respectful and reasonable with the coach's time.

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