Coaching Terms and Conditions

Cycling can be a dangerous sport. Athletes must ensure that they obey all traffic laws and ride commensurate with road conditions, ensuring that it is safe to ride. This is the athlete’s sole responsibility regardless of the training prescribed. Athletes should wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment. It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that equipment is kept in good working order and safe for its specified purpose. Athletes must ensure that they are physically capable and healthy before taking part in the training sessions. If in any doubt consult with a general doctor and/or physiotherapist.

The training plans and one-to-one coaching will be delivered through the Training Peaks platform. The athlete will need either a free or premium account. To get the most from the training, data from a power meter, heart rate monitor is strongly advised but are not mandatory. Regular feedback from the athlete is also essential to the coaching process.

Athletes who have purchased the Training Plans will not receive feedback or communication from the coach outside of the agreed terms. As agreed in the consultation, clients must stay 1 month ahead of the planned training on the calendar page of Training Peaks, with their revised time constraints. Once monthly payment has been made and the training schedule, the fee will no longer be refundable.

Athletes who have purchased the Training Plan Plus will receive a notice 1 week in advance, instructing them how to book their 30-minute, monthly, coach consultation. A range of times and dates will be provided whereby the athlete can select their most suitable option.

Athletes who are one-to-one clients will receive bi-weekly feedback on training sessions and are free to contact the coach at will. Communication is not capped, however, if unavailable the coach will contact you at his/her earliest convenience. There will be a select few weeks in the year where the coach may be unavailable when on vacation or working away. Sufficient notice of such events will be made clear on the athletes Training Peaks calendar so as to resolve any issues beforehand.

In the event that an athletes plan requires modification, they should contact the coach with plenty of notice. Coaching is a two-way street and sufficient feedback and communication between the coach and athlete are essential for getting the most from the experience.

The coaching fee is based on a monthly subscription basis, this includes the “off-season” or periods where the athlete is taking a break or is inactive from the structured training. Fees cover our insurance, accounting, software and other business costs. It will also ensure that our coaches can attend coaching courses, stay up-to-date with the latest research/studies and plan for the coming season/period through detailed analysis of previous data. In the event of termination of the coaching, one month’s written notice must be given by either party (coach or athlete). Once the coaching relationship has been terminated, there is no guarantee of available space, should you wish to resume the training. In special circumstances we may be able to put your account on hold for a period, this is to be negotiated on an individual basis prior to the athlete taking a break from the coaching and thus fees.

Training data will be stored on the Training Peaks online servers under the athletes account name and password. This is accessible to the coach until the termination of the coaching services. Additional information will also be stored on a password encrypted computer. Should athletes wish to have this data removed at any time they must contact the coach via email. All meetings, communication and data between the athlete and coach will remain confidential unless otherwise mutually agreed between the coach and athlete. Before training commences, athletes under the age of 18 years must have written permission from a legal guardian and provide the said legal guardian with the login credentials; this is in order to ensure transparency between the athlete and coach.