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Performance Testing Services

Performance testing is critical for understanding your current capabilities and adaptation to the training. With physiological testing, we can better understand your unique needs and make-up to further optimise and individualise your training.

Most testing methods can be combined in a single visit. Please get in touch so we can assist you in what would be the most appropriate testing protocol for your needs.


Skin Fold / Body Composition 

Measurement of subcutaneous fat with the use of callipers to track changes in body composition.

Blood lactate testing

Blood Lactate

A commonly used performance marker. The 'lactate threshold' is synonymous with endurance performance. Your lactate profile can be used to determine training zones and track adaptation.

VO2 master metabolic testing

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing can be used to track changes in fitness and determine training zones, economy, VO2max and resting metabolic rate.

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