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Pro Level Training Experiences

We offer a range of bespoke cycling experiences to locations such as Girona, The Alps, The Pyrenees, The Dolomites and many other superb places around the globe. We listen carefully to our clients to understand the type of trip they are after, be it a structured training camp to prepare for the race season, altitude camp to prepare for a big Gran Fondo or indeed a relaxed week of riding whilst enjoying great food and exploring beautiful terrain. 

Support on and off the bike is unparalleled. You will be guided by an ex-pro rider who can advise on all aspects of the sport, be it nutrition, training or bike handling. The rides are typically supported by a van so you do not have to worry about carrying spare parts, extra bottles, tools or even nutrition beyond the next few miles.

We always seek out first class accommodation so that you can relax and unwind off the bike. The right nutrition is a key component  of a successful week of cycling and that is an area we specialise in. Recipes will often be based on those presented on our sister website and will always be carefully planned to help you refuel and maximise adaptation.

All you will have to do is pedal and enjoy being guided through pre-selected routes to ensure you enjoy the best roads on offer in any given area.

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- Chris Pook. Keen amateur cyclist

Holohan Coaching have completely changed my cycling experience over the last few years. Through expert coaching, regular encouragement and weekly debriefs, I have managed to improve my level considerably, culminating in winning a stage of the Haute Route and also holding the Yellow Jersey in the Mallorca Masters. Holohan Coaching have enabled me to get the best out of myself by taking care of all of the little details in both the lead up and during the event. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

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This is truly a once in a life time experience, to be treated like a pro cyclist with a support vehicle on every ride for a week. The whole experience was breathtaking with outstanding accommodation, delicious, nutritious food and amazing cycling with stunning scenery in one of the best places to cycle in the world. The hospitality made us feel like royalty! Our coach Liam Holohan kindly shared his professional  knowledge of cycling and offered valuable advice on nutrition, hydration, rest and sleep. I was privileged to have this amazing opportunity!

- Bryan Davies. Local business owner and keen cyclist.


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